North 34th Street

Project Overview

Design for an 87,000 sq. ft. parcel of land in East Falls. The mixed use complex includes a large mid-rise building with 18,000 sq. ft. of retail / commercial space, and 108,000 sq. ft. of residential units above, with common roof top terrace and 2 swimming pools. The complex also includes 12, 4-story low rise condo buildings, boasting an additional 96,000 sq. ft. of residential living. Finishing out the complex is a series of 9 duplexes, adding an additional 22,000 sq. ft. of residential living. The design of complex, although consisting of buildings of varying scale, seeks to create a sense of cohesion through the use of contemporary façade geometry and neutral façade materials. The use of materiality—in this case, exposed steel, wood paneling, slate, brick, and white metal paneling—is intended to break down the mass of the larger buildings into those of a more human scale; relating to their use as a residence, rather than a part of a larger high-rise apartment complex.